25th Wedding Anniversary

We Still Do !


Twenty-five years ago, Viviane and Luis embarked on a journey hand in hand, united in the unbreakable embrace of love. Today, as the pages of their beautiful love story open another chapter, it is with immense joy and heartfelt admiration that we invite you to join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone 25th wedding anniversary.

Dress code: all black attire



Your presence means the world to us and that's all we ask. For those of you who want to lavishly gift the bride and groom, we have a better idea.

Dear guests,
In lieu of traditional gifts, Viviane and Luis have chosen to channel our collective generosity toward two remarkable social projects that are making a difference in the lives of those in need.
We believe that true celebration lies not only in honoring a beautiful love story but also in uplifting the lives of others and creating a ripple effect of kindness and compassion. Therefore, we humbly invite you to join us in contributing to these inspiring initiatives and be a part of a greater cause that extends far beyond our own festivities.


Projeto Resgate

Projeto Resgate is an initiative created by Pastor Adair and Berenice, aimed at the Northeast region of Brazil, with social work ranging from building wells and cisterns to bringing drinking water to regions of the Brazilian semi-arid region. The project works with evangelism in one of the poorest regions of the Brazilian Northeast.

Potable Water
Social Development


Global Encouragers Ministries

GEM is a Nashville TN based NGO founded by Pastors Karl King and Wanda Fulbright King, that maintains social projects in Brazil, in the Pantanal region, Every year Carlos organizes missionary trips to Brazil, with American doctors and volunteers offering medical care through a boat that travels along the Paraguay river, serving the needy population of the region, there are countless social and evangelization initiatives maintained by GEM

Social projects
Medical care